Clear Aligner Technique



Clear aligners are the future of orthodontics, but digital orthodontics evolves so rapidly that it is hard to keep pace. This book approaches clear aligner treatment from a diagnosis and treatment-planning perspective, discussing time-tested orthodontic principles like biomechanics and anchorage and demonstrating how to apply them to orthodontic cases using these appliances. Each chapter explains how to use clear aligners to treat a given malocclusion and teaches clinicians how to program a suitable treatment plan using available software, how to design the digital tooth movements to match the treatment goals, and finally how execute the treatment clinically and finish the case well. This clinical handbook will prepare orthodontists and dental students to exceed patient expectations with the most esthetic orthodontic appliance currently available.


1. A Brief History of the Orthodontic Appliance

2. A Comparison Between Edgewise Appliances and Clear Aligners

3. Case Selection for Clear Aligner Treatment

4. ClinCheck Software Design

5. Digital Workflow and Monitoring Treatment

6. Troubleshooting, Finishing, and Retention

7. Resolution of Crowding

8. Deep Bite Treatment

9. Anterior Open Bite Treatment

10. Class II Treatment 11. Class III Treatment

12. Lower Incisor Extraction Treatment

13. Premolar Extraction Treatment

14. Orthognathic Surgery

15. Interdisciplinary Treatment


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