Zebris Optical Jaw Motion Device



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Zebris Optical Jaw Motion Device

Top notch technology in Digital Dentistry – Digital Dynamic Facebow & Articulator

for perfect function in dental medicine

For manufacturing individual prosthesis and occlusal splints, the zebris JMA jaw registration systems record all degrees of the lower jaw’s mobility contact-free. The measuring range comprises all necessary parameters for the adjustment of mechanical and virtual articulators. Thus, it seamlessly integrates in the workflow of digital dental practices and laboratories. In addition, the zebris JMA systems optionally allow for functional analytical examinations as well as the determination of a neuromuscular jaw relation.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Movement registration of the lower jaw function
  • Functional and digital occlusal Analysis
  • Determination of the maxillary position – a mechanical facebow is no longer required
  • Determination of the adjustment parameters of mechanical and virtual articulators
  • Determination of a neuromuscular jaw relation
  • The electronic position analysis (EPA)


Zebris Optical Jaw Motion Device are prepared for the export of individual movement data to manufacture functional prosthesis and form the important functional part in the digital workflow. The scanable patented zebris coupling bite fork measures the position of the upper jaw and establishes the relation between the tooth surfaces and the lower jaw sensor of the JMA system. The movement data determined with the JMA system can be transferred to the CAD/CAM systems (e.g. Exocad) as real movement data or for programming virtual articulators. The use of a mechanical facebow is no longer necessary.




Basic measuring module: Calculation of the maxillary position, determination of the settings of mechanical and virtual articulators, XML data export “Virtual Articulator” and “Real Movement”


  • Optional measuring modules:
  • 3D analysis of movement and function
  • CMDfact®-Interactor
  • Determining a neuromuscular lower jaw position
  • Electronic position analysis (EPA) of condyles
  • CEREC articulator
  • Digital occlusion analysis


Zebris Digital jaw motion


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