Master Functional and Esthetic Anterior Laminate Veneers -Theory and Clinical Application

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Master Functional and Esthetic Anterior Laminate Veneers – Theory and Clinical Application

18 Modules – 14 Recorded Hours

More and more patient wish to fulfill their desire for a beautiful smile and are willing to pay higher cost for that. The treatment with ceramic veneers today represents a proven and reliable method for restoring teeth specially with digital dentistry involvement . Laminate Veneers are the golden standard of modern aesthetic dentistry and offer in many cases a minimally invasive alternative to full crowns. Dr. Jan Hajtó presents a comprehensive, clinically proven and systematic treatment protocol, illustrated by several clinical cases for Laminate Veneers, which will help every dentist with the successful practical application of this fascinating method. The focus lies on the right indication, correct preparation techniques and bonding procedures. Furthermore a range of possible sources of error are pointed out, which should be avoided for optimal success and highly satisfied patients. Don’t miss this opportunity to raise your level of competence in Veneers by attending Master Functional and Esthetic Anterior Laminate Veneers




  1. Introduction

– who do we treat, teeth or patients?

– predictability

– advantages vs. real value

– durability, esthetics, invasiveness

– specialization


  1. Esthetics and Beauty

– Beauty, Organic forms,

– unity in diversity – diversity in unity

– crown shapes, average teeth, dentogenics

– social organs, media smile, natural and synthetic smile


  1. Esthetic Criteria

– guidelines, planes, lip-lines

– display, axes, incisal and gingival contours

– symmetry, harmony, width ratios, proportions

– optical illusion, interpretation


  1. Smile Design

– example workflow with the software “smile designer pro”


  1. Photoshop Visualization

– the most frequently used tools in photoshop for dental simulation

– example of a basic visualization


  1. Wax-Up

– partial Wax-Up

– full Wax- Up

– Lab procedure, manual Wax-Up prefabricated facets

– digital Wax-up


  1. Mock-Up and other Methods to achieve Esthetic Results

– direct Mock-Up freehand, indirect-Mock-up lab-made, direct Mock-Up with Matrix

– Silicon Matrices

– other Methods of esthetic testing

– sample try ins


  1. Indications for Veneers

– fractures, gaps, diastema, microdontia, peg laterals

– ageing, loss of enamel, hypoplasia, fluorosis, erosion

– loss of vertical dimension, abrasion, short teeth

– discolorations, contralateral ceramics, rotation,

– contraindications


  1. Function Part 1

– function and esthetics – the main differences

– my functional concept

– the relevance of screening


  1. Function Part 2

– the role of occlusion

– the multicausal model, occlusion as a risk factor

– occlusion concept,

– anterior- / canine-guidance, interferences


  1. Biomimetics

– what is biomimetics?

– the biomechanics of the anterior teeth

– the relevance of the DEJ, shortcomings of the biomimetic concept

– average thicknesses of enamel on anterior teeth


  1. Types of Veneers Part 1

– non-prep and minimally invasive preparations

–  characteristics, advantages, disadvantages

– clinical examples

– partial veneers


  1. Types of Veneers Part 2

– standard and invasive preparations, 360° Veneer

–  characteristics, advantages, disadvantages

– clinical examples

– ceramic materials: glass ceramics, lithium(di)silicates


  1. Preparation for Veneers Part 1

– the standard preparation

– the right instruments,

– common mistakes, think ceramics!

– the preparation-guide


  1. Preparation for Veneers Part 2

– how to deal with palatal / proximal fillings

– how to prep the incisal edge

– what to do with proximal contact points

– methodical preparation step by step


  1. Veneer Provisionals

– materials, methods, spot etching

– temporary cements, the relevance of eugenol

– direct method, indirect method


  1. Adhesive Cementation Part 1

– adhesive bonding vs. conventional cementation

– types of cements

– requirements for adhesion, fundamentals of bonding

– dentine adhesion

– etch and rinse vs. self-etch systems


  1. Adhesive Cementation Part 2

– moist bonding, water-based systems

– variations in bonding strength

– possible sources of error, the role of astringents

– light curing vs. dual curing

– color changes by the cement

– clinical procedure step by step

Functional and Esthetic Anterior Laminate Veneers Online Course by 

Dr. med. dent. Jan Hajtó: Specialist for Function and Aesthetics in Dentistry (DGÄZ)

Dr. Hajtó (*1968) graduated from the University of Munich / Germany in 1993.

Since 1995, Dr. Hajtó is running a private practice in the heart of Munich with its own dental laboratory specialized in functional and aesthetic allceramic restorations. He specializes in aesthetic fixed prosthodontics and complex restorative dentistry (

He is lecturer for several German dental education academies and scientific societies. He is both a nationally and internationally active lecturer in the field of dental aesthetics, all-ceramic restorations, CAD/CAM, digital dentistry and complex prosthodontic treatments.

Apart from his clinical activities, he is the author of numerous journal articles. In addition, he is author of the 2 Volume book (textbook and picture gallery) “Anteriores – Natural Beautiful Teeth”, teamwork media, published: June 2006.

Author of the chapter “Veneers” in Roland Frankenberger (ed.) Adhäsive Zahneilkunde, Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag 2012.

Author of the Book „Gute Zahnmedizin – Ein Leitfaden“ (“Good Dentistry – A Guidleline”, in German), Quintessence 2018.

2015 winner of the research award of AG Keramik for an in vitro study on the longetivity of laminate veneers together with Dr. Uwe Blunck, Berlin and Prof. Roland Frankenberger, Marburg.

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Course Content

Functional and Esthetic Anterior Laminate Veneers -Theory and Clinical Application

  • Introduction
  • Aesthetics-and-Beauty
  • Esthetic-Criteria
  • Smile-design
  • Photoshop-Visualization
  • wax-up
  • mockup-and-other-methos
  • Indications-for-Veneers
  • Function-1
  • Function-2-1
  • biomimetics
  • types-of-veneers-1
  • types-of-veneers-2
  • Preparation-for-Veneers-1
  • Preparation-for-Veneers-2
  • Veeer-Provisionals-1
  • Adhesive-cementation-1
  • Adhesive-cementation-2

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