Mastership DigitalDentistry Education Program 2024 – Arabic Version” 3D Smile Design,exocad, CAD/CAM Design,Digital Occlusion, Digital Implantology

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Mastership DigitalDentistry Education Program 2024
Arabic Version


Experience a transformative journey in the dynamic field of digital dentistry with our all-inclusive long term unmatched training program. Master Digital Dentistry Education Program 2024 provides an extensive exploration into key areas & know-how of 3d smile design CAD/CAM, Digital Implantology, and 3D Printing, ensuring you gain practical understanding of diverse software applications and tools, and apply them in real-world clinical and lab scenarios.


Our program is accredited by the esteemed Digital Dentistry Schoology ADA/CERP Credit hours, guaranteeing high-quality education. With 15 uniquely crafted modules, Master Digital Dentistry Education Program 2024 provides an immersive learning experience that empowers you to stay at the forefront of dental technology.

Master Digital Dentistry Education Program 2024 was being designed for dental professionals from Dentists , digital dental designers & technicians. It is your ticket to mastering the advanced technology sweeping the dental industry.It Can not be missed for those searching for being Unique, different by providing fully digital dentistry workflows in their clinics/ dental labs

Master Digital Dentistry Education Program 2024 is being introduced by Dr Haitham Sarshar Offical exocad Trainer with his 12 years experience in digital dentistry. Dr Sharshar had done more than 10.000 Cases on Smile Design& exocad plus graduating from his digital dentistry schoology more than 3000 dentists, technicians since 2015 , being selected as one of only 10 International exocad Officially Certified Trainers worldwide ! his Offline Courses are being introduced in UK, Germany, Egypt, Dubai, Australia & India

You can check certified trainers from exocad from this link


Here’s a glimpse into our 16 meticulously crafted modules
inside Mastership DigitalDentistry Education Program 2024 :-

1-Photography Module ; Master Artistic Facial Photos & Intra-oral Photos

        2-Digital Smile Design – Clinical Approach:
Perfect your aesthetic analysis and 2D Smile Design with DTS Pro.

       3-  3D Scanning Techniques: Explore the intricacies of face and intra-oral scanning             technologies, including a live show on using MEDIT IOS I700.

       4-3D Smile Design Workflow: Harness the power of 3D Digital Smile Design with                  DTS  3D Pro AI and exocad Smile Creator.

       5- exocad Crown/Bridge Module: Learn the art of full anatomy digital crown                      design,buccal cut back digital crown design, coping design, veneer design,                      inlay/onlay design, and bridge design with connectors parameters.

        6-Provisional Module on exocad: Dive deep into virtual reduction, extraction,                     digital reduction, and designing egg shell temporary restorations.

        7-3D Printing: Understand 3D printing technologies and techniques, using 3D                     Model Creator module on exocad and Chitubox software.

        8-Virtual Articulator: Experience virtual articulation workflow in digital dentistry.

        9-Splint module on exocad: Get hands-on experience with anterior                                        deprogrammer design, tray design, prep guide design, and crown lengthening                 guide design.

         10-Digital Jaw Motion Analysis: Learn about Condylography, technologies, types,            devices, and get hands-on experience with the Zebris JMA optic jaw tracking                  device.

          11-Digital Pressure Analysis Devices: T-Scan Novus by Tekscan versus                                Occlusense by Bausch.

          12-Digital Complete Denture Design: Master the art of designing complete                           dentures digitally.

           13-Digital Implantology – Digital Dental Prosthetic Designs Part 1: Learn screw-                  retained crown design and custom abutment design by using the exocad                        implant module.

            14-Digital Implantology – Digital Dental Prosthetic Designs Part 2: Design all on               IV, VII superstructures over implants “thimble designs” and bar designs using                   exocad implant module.

            15-Digital Implantology – Digital Dental Surgical Guide using exoplan-
                 Basic  Module: Learn the basics of creating digital dental surgical guides using               exoplan.

            16-Digital Implantology – Digital Dental Surgical Guide using exoplan-                                               Advanced Module: Go beyond the basics and master the advanced                                   techniques of creating full arch surgical guides using exoplan.

-DigitalDentistry Program is being introduced in Arabic Language with
   all English Scientific Terms

-It is Live program not recorded sessions like other courses on the website, which means each attendee will receive  updated lesson once the session is being finished


##### VIP Terms & Conditions ####

While we are thrilled to provide you with this resourceful access to the Program content which you will find the addition of each Module after happening live , we kindly ask you to adhere to the following guidelines to maintain the integrity and quality of the program for all participants:

*One-Year Access:* Please note that the content you have access to is available for one year from the date of enrollment. We encourage you to make the most of this period to benefit fully from the program.

*Single Device Access:*
To ensure a seamless and personalized learning experience, we request that you avoid opening the same account from multiple devices simultaneously in same time to avoid any technical problem for your account .

*No VPN Usage:*
For security and data integrity reasons, we strongly advise against using a VPN while accessing the course content.This may led to Blockage of your account from Security team on the platform.

*Account Sharing Prohibition:*

To maintain the academic integrity and exclusivity of our program, sharing your account details with others is strictly prohibited. It is US-Registered Platform which was designed for individual professional growth in digital dentistry, and unauthorized sharing compromises this objective.

*Coupon Code:* The coupon code provided to you personally via one of our team is exclusively for the members of Mastership of Digital Dentistry 2024. Any attempt to share the code outside of this group to any other colleague or friend after due investigation, undoubtedly will result in expulsion from the program which we all not seek this situation for anyone.

Intellectual Property Rights:
Please note that all content, including videos, text, and images, are protected by legal copyrights in US & Egypt and are for individual use ONLY. The unauthorized distribution or reproduction of course materials without official written consent from DDS is strictly prohibited legally.

Personal Responsibility: Although we will always be your backbone & our support will be always consistent, each participant is responsible for their progress in the program. We encourage you to complete all modules and engage with the material fully for maximum benefit.

Privacy: Participants must respect the privacy of others. Sharing personal contact information of other attendees without their consent is prohibited.

Updates and Changes: We reserve the right to make changes to the course content, schedule, and guidelines as necessary. Participants will be notified of any significant changes.

Technical Requirements: Participants must ensure they have a reliable internet connection and a device capable of streaming high-quality video content to access the course material. We are not responsible for any difficulties encountered due to internet connection from your side.

One Account Only For each Dr
kindly create one account only on the website with your email . do not try to create another account with other email since this may lead to blockage of both accounts

Refund Policy: Since this program offers comprehensive, high-quality, digital content that is accessible immediately after enrolment, Like you already knows we do not offer any refunding options after registering in the Program

Account Suspension: If any participant is found violating the terms and conditions, their account may be suspended or permanently deactivated from Admins of the platform

User Responsibility: Each participant is responsible for remembering their login credentials. In case of forgotten passwords,

click ‘Forget password’ to receive it on your email address

Your commitment to these terms and conditions will enable us to continue providing high-quality educational resources to dental professionals like you🙏

We are excited to have you onboard and look forward to seeing your progress!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

On completion, you’ll be ready for DDS- exocad Certification, equipped with a practical understanding of diverse software applications and tools in digital dentistry that can be directly applied in real-world clinical and lab scenarios.. Don’t miss this chance to transform your dental career.Begin your journey into the dynamic field of digital dentistry

For more details, reach out to Digital Dentistry Schoology via
or Click on Whatsapp Us to be transferred directly to DDS Team on their whatsapp Number

or Send them on their official facebook page from here

Enroll Now in Mastership Digital Dentistry Program!


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What Will You Learn?

  • Achieve comprehensive knowledge of the digital dentistry landscape, including applications such as smile design CAD/CAM, Digital Implantology, and 3D Printing.
  • Become proficient in using a variety of software applications and tools, linking them to diverse clinical and lab scenarios.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to pass the exocad Certification exams, both theoretical and practical.
  • Understand the practical applications of AI in dentistry and the use of AI generation models.
  • Gain hands-on experience with real-world digital dental workflows and problem-solving techniques.
  • Discover the secrets of Digital FaceBows, Digital Virtual Articulators, and Digital Jaw Motion 4D Devices."

Course Content

Photography Module

  • Handout for Digital Dental Photography
  • Digital Photography – Theoretical Part

Digital Smile Design


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