Three-Dimensional Virtual Treatment Video Setup in Orthodontics

Unlock a New Dimension in Your Dental Career, Our 3D VTVS in Orthodontics program is designed to not only offer you a cutting-edge digital skill set but also pave the way for a lucrative side business and a promising job opportunity.

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Not just a new profession it is a job opportunity
The first course ever in Egypt that offers you a new profession and job opportunity.
Learn clinical and practical approach to Clear Aligner system from one of Key Opinion Leaders for Eon Aligner Company.
Comprehensive 22 days curriculum that will teach you everything you need to know to be confident and successful.
The course is structured in 7 modules, and it will span 176 hours over 3months at the conclusion of each participant
A parade of challenging malocclusions cases treated by clear aligner therapy.
Over than 20 years’ experience of our international speaker in this field will be shared with you.
Many Hidden truths and tips and tricks related to our subject will be contributed in our course.
will be presented to cover all types of malocclusions and borderline orthognathic cases
without the need to travel abroad.

Here’s what you’re going to learn...

Detailed Course Content

Chapter I-1: Introduction.
Chapter I-2: Occlusion.
Chapter I-3: Diagnosis.

Chapter II-1: Biomechanics.
Chapter II-2: Early Orthodontics.
Chapter II-3: Orthodontic Appliances.

Chapter III-1: Orthodontic Treatment.
Chapter III-2: Retention and Relapse.
Chapter III-3: Miscellaneous.

Chapter IV-1: Introduction to Digital Orthodontics.
Chapter IV-2: Intra-oral Canners and Printers.
Chapter IV-3: CAD Design and Printing.

As Clarified before DDS does not handle Schengen visa steps but
for assistance and support in applying for a Schengen visa, you can reach Mr. Tamer from Touristic Co. at +201280575666.

Chapter V-1: Case Submission.
Chapter V-2: Aligner Biomechanics.
Chapter V-3: Clinical procedures and tips.
Chapter V-4: Certification Course.

Chapter VI-1: Software module 1.
Chapter VI-2: Software module 2.
Chapter VI-3: Software module 3.

Chapter VII-1: Hands on virtual set up for different malocclusions.
Chapter VII-2: Hands on virtual set up for different malocclusions.
Chapter VII-3: Hands on virtual set up for different malocclusions.

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Our Aim is to provide a new dental profession in Egyptian Dental Market for general dentists and 10 vacant positions with international aligner company (EON aligner).

Tooth Wear Interceptive treatment approach with minimally invasive protocols
Tooth Wear Interceptive treatment approach with minimally invasive protocols
Tooth Wear Interceptive treatment approach with minimally invasive protocols

Meet Your Instructor

Mohamed EL Sayed Saad Ibrahim

Mohamed EL Sayed Saad Ibrahim is an assistant professor in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, Orthodontic Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Menia University. He was graduated with Bachelor general grade very good with honor Degree in Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery – July 1996, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University. He completed his postgraduate master’s degree in orthodontics (MSc), pediatric and preventive dentistry from Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine and surgery-Cairo University, November 2003. He obtained Glasgow Membership in orthodontics (MOrth RCSEd) from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, November 2008. Regarding to his academic prospect, He accomplished his Doctoral Degree in orthodontics (PhD)-Faculty of Dentistry-Menia University, July 2009. It was interesting that he was a certified user for the most recent and advanced worldwide orthodontic systems as follows:

  • ABSOANCHOR miniscrews certified, 2003.
  • American Orthodontic lingual Braces certified, Jan 2007.
  • Forestadent 2D lingual Braces certified, October 2008.
  • Vector TAS Ormco miniscrews, 2011.
  • Ormco STb Lingual Braces certified, February 2012.
  • Invisalign certified, March 2012.
  • Insignia certified, October 2013.
  • Damon System Certified 2013.
  • Incognito certificate, June 2014.
  • Eon aligner certified, April 2014.
  • Ecligner Certified, May 2017.
  • Smartee aligner Certified October 2022.

 There is no exaggeration to say that he attended over 100 national and international clinical and educational courses and conferences all over the world last 10 years. He was a national and an international speaker and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) for the most famous orthodontic companies in the world such as Ormco, Eon aligner Company especially in Middle East and Europe till now. In addition, He attended in office Clear aligner, Insignia and Damon system courses with the most elite mentors in orthodontics.

It was astonishing to know that he was a leading pioneer expert in using intra-oral scanners, 3D Virtual orthodontic treatment setup software programs and 3D Digital printers. Over 20s years, he had a wide range of national and international academic researches and clinical experience in treatment of all types of malocclusion in all age categories. As an effect of digital era and contemporary orthodontics, his main clinical interest is using Mini-screws, Damon, customized orthodontic fixed appliances, and clear aligners.

Unlock a New Dimension in Your Dental Career Today!

Our Aim is to provide a new dental profession in Egyptian Dental Market for general dentists and 10 vacant positions with international aligner company (EON aligner).

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Lana Hodali


It was an amazing experience. Dr.Haitham ,Dr Samar and staff were extremely helpful, friendly and professional. My expectations of this course were completely fulfilled and I highly recommend this diploma.

Alaa AbdulHakim


Dr. Haitham is excellent at teaching and generous at giving details
I highly recommend taking the courses he give

Peter Nabil


A very unique group of doctors who motivate you to think differently
hope to see you and learn from you more and more

Ahmed El-serafi


I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organised and focused on practical situations. I particularly enjoyed that many companies came and showed their devices shared in the content of the course,
thank you dr.haitham.

Eyad Soubhi Alsasa


it was a great experience to join digital dentistry schoology diploma, so organized and informative and I came up with a huge knowledge attending this fully educational diploma program. thank you Dr. hitham for being so cooperative and supportive and all the team beside you..

Omar Mohamed Abotahoun


a huge amount of skills ,experience,and applicable science…really just words not enough but
It is a great honor to be
with Dr haitham sharshar in the amazing DDS program and the whole professional team..

Frequently Asked Questions

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For flight reservations, feel free to contact Mr. Hussein at +201020024098

The main focus of the symposium is on digital occlusion, a field in dentistry that uses digital tools and techniques.

The symposium is scheduled for October 12-14, 2023, at Center Parcs Allgäu in Germany.

The presentations and workshops will be conducted in both English and German, making the conference accessible to a diverse, global audience.

The symposium will cover a range of advanced topics in digital dentistry, including jaw relation advances, Zebris attachment designing, IO scanner efficiency, precision with JMA-Optic jaw tracking system, digital smile design with digital occlusion, comfort crafting with Zebris splints, aligner treatment strategies optimization, and empowerment with CAD data export & virtual articulator.

Attending the symposium will provide you with pioneering insights into digital dentistry, hands-on learning opportunities, and a chance to network with global professionals. Plus, it’s a luxurious getaway at the Center Parcs Allgäu.

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